OEM Supplier for KYN61-40.5 Metal Armored Removable Switchgear Export to Venezuela


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Always customer-oriented, and it's our ultimate target to be not only the most reliable, trustable and honest supplier, but also the partner for our customers for OEM Supplier for KYN61-40.5 Metal Armored Removable Switchgear Export to Venezuela, We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants who calls, letters asking, or to plants to negotiate, we will offer you quality products and the most enthusiastic service,We look forward to your visit and your cooperation.


KYN61-40.5 is the 35KV class switchgear that is developed by bringing in the foreign technology. It is in line with GB3906, IEC-298, DL404 and other standards. It is applicable to the system of three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 40.5KV for the use of power plant area, substation and large industrial mining enterprises to accept and distribute the electric power. It can control, protect and detect the line.

To purchase, visit: http://www.swgr.com/store/circuit-breakers/molded-case/product/TEY390,22-12368.aspx

Stock # 22-12368, GENERAL ELECTRIC, Circuit Breaker, Catalog No. TEY390, Frame Amps 100, Trip Amps 90, 3 Poles, 480 Volts,

Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

The TEY390 Circuit Breaker has been reconditioned per MIDWEST’s rigorous service procedures based on 30 years experience. The TEY390 circuit breaker has been maintained and refurbished per industry standards and per MIDWEST’s Quality Control Program (QCP). The services include applicable internal and external procedures, repairs, and replacement of deficient components. In addition to standard electrical tests, MIDWEST also performs live function tests on the TEY390. These services far exceed the routine reconditioning of the TEY390 performed by many circuit breaker vendors and resellers. MIDWEST certifies the TEY390 circuit breaker has passed our QCP before shipping.

New Surplus Circuit Breakers

A “New Surplus” Circuit Breaker is a circuit breaker that has never been installed, but is not “New from the Factory” or “New from the Manufacturer or Distributor” of the TEY390 circuit breaker. It may be referred to as New in the Box, New Surplus, Never Installed, Never Energized, or other such term that avoids the label “New from the Manufacturer.” A New Surplus TEY390 circuit breaker should not be considered new from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s Distributor. Surplus and New Surplus TEY390 circuit breakers must pass MIDWEST’s (QCP) Quality Control Program.

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Very useful circuit to ensure that AC polarity is correct in a circuit or electrical equipment/device. A reverse polarity condition (Hot & Neutral Lines Reversed), will not allow current to flow into the circuit or electrical device. This safety circuit is ideal for certain types of transformerless power supplies, triac circuits, and other circuits where the hot/neutral lines must be connected to the proper location in a circuit.

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