OEM/ODM China FTX30 (PZ30) Modular Terminal Combination of Electrical Appliances for Slovak Republic Manufacturer


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FTX30 modular terminal combination of electrical is suitable for the power supply system end with rated voltage 30V (or 400V), rated current ≤ 240A, each short-circuit protection of the rated current ≤100A, for the protection of power distribution, overload, short circuit and it passed CCC certificate.


  • IEC 60909 Standard for calculating Short Circuit Currents in 3 Phase AC Systems
    Practical Examples and Tutorial

    working principle of dc generator ||working principle of dc generator youtube- dc generator-https://www.electrical4u.com/principle-of-dc-generator/
    A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
    Working Principle
     The energy conversion is based on the principle of the production of dynamically induced emf.
     Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux, dynamically induced emf is produced according to faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.
     This emf causes a current to flow if the conductor circuit is closed.
     Hence two basic essential parts if an electrical generator are:
    1. Magnetic field
    2. A conductor or conductors which can so move as to cut the flux.

     Consider a single turn loop ABCD rotating clockwise in a uniform magnetic
     field with a constant speed as shown in Fig. As the loop rotates, the flux
     linking the coil sides AB and CD changes continuously. Hence the e.m.f.
     induced in these coil sides also changes but the e.m.f. induced in one coil side
     adds to that induced in the other.
    Working of simple loop generator
    (i) When the loop is in position no. 1 [See Fig. In above slide], the generated e.m.f. Is zero because the coil sides (AB and CD) are cutting no flux but are moving parallel to it
    (ii) When the loop is in position no. 2, the coil sides are moving at an angle to the flux and, therefore, a low e.m.f. is generated as indicated by point 2 in Fig. In above slide.
    (iii) When the loop is in position no. 3, the coil sides (AB and CD) are at right angle to the flux and are, therefore, cutting the flux at a maximum rate. Hence at this instant, the generated e.m.f. is maximum as indicated by point 3 in Fig in above slide.
    (iv) At position 4, the generated e.m.f. is less because the coil sides are cutting the flux at an angle.
    (v) At position 5, no magnetic lines are cut and hence induced e.m.f. is zero as indicated by point 5 in Fig. In above slide.
    (vi) At position 6, the coil sides move under a pole of opposite polarity and hence the direction of generated e.m.f. is reversed. The maximum e.m.f. in this direction (i.e., reverse direction, See Fig. ) will be when the loop is at position 7 and zero when at position 1. This cycle repeats with each revolution of the coil.

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