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Model: Rated voltage (V): Rated insulation voltage/Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): Installation(poles): Frame size rated current(A) Rated current(A) Rated breaking Capacity(KA): Rated short-time withstand current Operating performance
Rated Ultimate Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Power on(times) Power off(times)
400V 400V 400V
 FTW2-1600  AC400  690/12000  withdrawable type,stationary type(3 poles,4poles)  1600  200,400,630, 800, 1000  55  42  42  10000  5000
 1250,1600  5000
 FTW2-2000  2000  630,800,1000  80  80  65  10000  6000
 1250,1600,2000  5000

(6 Jan 2012)
AP Television
Jakarta, Indonesia – November 3, 2011
1. Mid pan left of participants preparing for push ups
2. Close of man doing push up
3. Mid of man doing push up
4. Mid of men arriving at boot camp
5. Mid of women arriving at boot camp
6. Pan of training ground
7. Mid of Simran Latif, programme director, exercising
8. Pan of participants exercising
9. Mid of participants standing in line
10. Wide of man flipping tyre
11. Mid of woman flipping tyre
12. Mid of participants lining up
13. Wide of participant flipping tyre
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Simran Latif, Boot Camp Programme Director:
“It is military inspired in the sense that we use discipline. That is probably the biggest aspect, but we don’t kick sand into people’s face. We don’t demotivate people. It’s a very positive, aggressive environment, but definitely we use discipline to keep people accountable.”
15. Close of participant
16. Wide of Simran giving instruction to participants
17. SOUNDBITE: (English) Simran Latif, Boot Camp Programme Director:
“When you work out by yourself, the intensity that you can produce by yourself is way different from what you can produce with 20-30 other people. We create scenarios where we create group-based workouts, group-based objective workouts where you work for other people therefore you work a bit harder. And that is probably the main difference, working harder because of the environment.”
18. Close of Tomi Soetjipto exercising
19. Wide of Tomi exercising
20. SOUNDBITE: (Indonesian) Tomi Soetjipto, Boot Camp Participant:
“For me, this kind of workout motivates me to go to work. If I work out after work, I already feel tired and stressed. But going for early morning exercise like this makes me more energised.”
21. Wide of training
22. Close of Amalia Andayani flipping tyre
23. SOUNDBITE: (Indonesian) Amalia Andayani, Boot Camp Participant:
“This training is not boring because there are a wide variety of routines. I normally go to the gym, but it is getting boring. I also enjoy the high pressure from the trainers that motivates us to do our best.”
24. Tilt down from office buildings to street
25. Wide of office workers arriving at work
26. Mid of people walking
27. Mid of man standing
AP Television
Jakarta, Indonesia – November 24, 2011
28. Pan of gym
29. Close of man weight lifting
30. Mid of man exercising
31. Pan from Ichbal Mutaqin training to feet
32. SOUNDBITE: (Indonesian) Ichbal Mutaqin, Fitness Expert:
“Personally I think boot camp training is a good alternative to going to the gym, but we must take into account each person’s physical ability.”
AP Television
Jakarta, Indonesia – November 3, 2011
33. Pan from trainer to participants
34. Close of woman
35. Wide of participants finishing workout
36. Wide of participants cheering
The start of a new year is the perfect time to get in shape and shed some excess baggage.
In Indonesia early bird office workers are getting fit the military way with extreme outdoor boot camps.
Face down in the mud – not most people’s idea of the perfect morning.
But these sleepy office workers are gathering at a sports field in Jakarta in the early hours for something more than just a fitness regime.
They are members of Bootcamp Indonesia, an outdoor, group-based fitness training programme that incorporates military-inspired elements of discipline, motivation and team camaraderie.
Since its launch in September 2011, this extreme workout has picked up around 80 regular recruits.
The participants are mostly young professionals and office workers.
They gather just before 6am three times a week.
The workout also puts a heavy emphasis on teamwork.

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