One of Hottest for Miniature circuit breaker-FTB3 to Greece Manufacturer


Technical data

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Tripping characteristic

Exterior and dimensions

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Product illustration:


Product Features

- A breaking capacity of 12kA up to 32A and 10kA between 40 to 63A.

- Current-limiting scheme: in the event of a short circuit, are able to limit the let-through current to 60%-70% of the rated current.

- The trip mechanism ensures perfect closure every time,thereby considerably improving the performance of these devices and extending their average lifetime.

-The arc extinguishing system: allows the short-circuit currents of very high value to be interrupted extremely rapidly, the remarkable opening speed of contacts opening and the structure of the arcing chamber contribute to extinguishing the arc in the shortest possible time, ensuring reliable protection of short-circuit.

- The internal contact position allows an exact information of the circuit-breaker status: “green”,open contacts;“red”,closed contacts,independently of the toggle position.

- Sealing/locking sealable with 1 mm wire, to prevent unwanted tripping.

- The supply lines of the protected circuit can be connected to either the upper or lower terminals of the circuit-breakers(reversibility of connections).

- The double terminal of these circuit-breakers enables simultaneous connection of cables and busbars.

Technical Data


Breaking capacity(KA) 40-63A 10
6-32A 12
Mechanical and electrical life: 20,000 operation
Protection rating IP20
Installation On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm /Panel Mounting
Connection capacity: Cross-section of conductors up to 25mm², Cross-section of busbar from 0.8-2mm², reversibility of connections
Ambient temperature (°C) -5°C ~ +40°C
Altitude (m) not higher than 2000m
Relative air humidity no more than 95%
Pollution degree
Weight (g) 116 234 352 472

Tripping characteristic


Exterior and dimensions




Number of poles

1P 2P 3P 4P
a 80±0.8
b 74.2±0.8 75.7±0.8
c 17.8±0.5 35.6±0.8 53.4±0.8 71.2±0.8
d 44±0.8
e 68.7±0.8 70.2±0.8
f 45±0.8
g 35.5±0.8


Please refer to below table for the connection of wires with a cross section area

Rated current In(A) Nominal cross section area of copper wire(mm²)
1~6 1
10 1.5
16,20 2.5
25 4
32 6
40,50 10
63 16

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