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We enjoy a very good reputation among our customers for our excellent product quality, competitive price and the best service for Personlized Products FTKN (KYN28A) -12 Indoor Exchange Metal Armored Withdrawable Switchgear to Seattle Factory, As we are moving forward, we keep an eye on our ever-expanding product range and make improvement to our services.


FTKN (KYN28A) -12 indoor exchange metal armored withdrawable switchgear is the transmission and distribution control of the single bus segmentation system device that is used for receiving and distributing the power.

It is mainly used for power distribution of power plants, small and medium-sized generator transmission, industrial and mining enterprises and also used for accepting and feeding, large high voltage motor starting plants of the secondary substation to control, protect and detect the whole line.

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Composition of the plant:

1. Feeding Hopper with uniform supply of batteries.
2. Crushing mill (granulator / crusher).
3. Transport auger with a part of the drying of the waste.
4. Vibrating screen.
5. Conveyors.
6. Fe Metal separator.
7. Aspiration system.
8. El. control panel.
9. Insulated cabin.

 Capacity per hour at the inlet — 200 кg/h.
 Workers – 1 person
 Installed power – about 30 кW
 Area – about 9 m2 /3х3х2m/

Warranty: 12 months for the mechanical parts covers the possible broken parts during the working process and NOT connected with erroneous operation with the machines from the side of the buyer and 6 months for the electrical parts of the equipment, from the date of the delivery (the warranty doesn’t include the cutting instruments, screen, belts, blades and the servicing). If it is needed to be sent spare parts the warranty terms cover the cost of the spare parts only Ex Works (the price for the transport of the spare parts is not included in the warranty terms).

The offer does not include necessary when unloading and mechanical assembly machinery: forklift, crane or others lift equipment.
The offer does not include machines for the recycling of wastewater.

Composition of the plant:

1. Feeding Hopper with uniform supply of batteries
- Adjusting of the speed
- Engine — 1.5 kW;
- Stainless steel;
2. Crushing mill (granulator) M 300/450
- El. Motor – 11 kW
- Screen – Ø 8 mm
- Blades rotor and stator replacement
- Hopper stainless steel;
- Metal frame.
3. Transport Auger with a part of the drying of the waste
- Engine 1.5 kW
- Adjusted speed
- Heaters – 10 kW
- Temperature control
- Preparation for ventilation;
- Stainless steel.
4. Vibrating Screen
- Screen diameter Ø 1000 mm;
- Screen holes – Ø 2 mm;
- Stainless steel;
- El. motor 0.240 kW;
- Two outlets for the material;
- Feed screw 150/1500 — 0.75 kW dust .
- Discharging height – 1000 mm;
5. Conveyors
- Horizontal;
- El. motor — 0.75 kW;
- Width 500 mm, length 2000 mm .
- Discharging height – 520 mm;
6. Fe Metal separator
- Engine 1.5 kW;
- Permanent magnet.
7. Aspiration system
- Fan 1.5 kW;
- Metal pipes
8. El. Control Panel
- Steel cabinet;
- Input circuit breaker;
- Frequency control for 1,5 kW – 2 pcs;
- Starter for 11 kW;
- Starter for 0.75 kW – 2 units;
- Starter for 1.5 kW – 1pc;
- Starter for 0.240 kW – 1pc;
- Temperature Control;
- There are buttons to ” Start ” and ” Stop” for each starter and green LED signal lamp mounted on the cabinet door; List of parts and actions, which are the responsibility of the buyer for the smooth functioning of the module:
9. Insulated cabin.
- Steel construction;
- Partition panels;
- Size 3000 mm x 3000 mm x 2000 mm H.

- Building, shed, shed installation of machinery as will be shown in the final scheme;
- Internal and external systems for electrical power supply , which will be specified in the final scheme;
- Electric power 380 V and appropriate power cables to the control cabinet ;
- Buying spare parts list approved and contracts;
- Equipment for the lifting of the machines unloading and installation;
- Internal transport;
- Machinery, equipment, tools, maintenance of machines and for sharpening the blades of the mill;
- Nomination and appointment of a person responsible for occupational safety;
- Connecting the switchboard to the network;
- Other not mentioned at the time.

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