Popular Design for Miniature circuit breaker-FTB2GLE for El Salvador Manufacturers


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Model: FTB2GLE
Pole: 1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N,4P
Rated voltage (V): Type C, Type D
rated residual operating current Type AC 30
rated residual non-operating current Type AC 15
Rated breaking Capacity(KA): 6
Rated residual connection and breaking Capacity(KA): 4.5
Mechanical and electrical life(times): 20000
Residual current tripping type: Electronic
Connection type: 1-25mm²
Function: short-circuit protection,overload protection,leakage protection,Isolation
Ambient Temperature( ℃): -5 - +40
Altitude(m): ≤2000m
Pollution degree: 2
Protection degree: IP20
Size(L ×W ×H)mm 1P+N 72.5×54×90
2P 72.5×72×90
3P 72.5×100×90
3P+N 72.5×112.5×90
4P 72.5×130.5×90

This video shows the electrical tree growth until the breakdown, using an optical camera. The electrical brakdown tube was then reconstructed through X-ray computed tomography (see video “Electrical tree breakdown 3-D X-ray tomography”)
Work conducted at The University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Imaging technique : optical camera
Dielectric material : epoxy resin
Electrical stress : 10 kV @ 50 Hz /point-to-plane electrode geometry

* Federico Santa Maria Technical University, Chile (http://www.usm.cl/)
* CONICYT – Chilean Research Council (http://www.conicyt.cl/)
* IEEE DEIS – Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation Society (http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/deis/)

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