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Model: FTM2X-63
Frame size rated current Inm(A): 63
Poles: 3,4
Rated current(A): 10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Rated operational voltage(V): AC380V/400V AC480V/500V AC530V/550V AC660V/690V
Rated insulation voltage(V): AC1000
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 8
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC380V/400V 35
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity 25
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC480V/500V 20
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity(KV) 15
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC530V/550V 20
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity(KV) 15
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity(KV): AC660V/690V 10
Rated  short circuit breaking capacity(KV): 7.5
Operating performance(KV):  Electrical life: 8000
Mechanical life: 20000
Tripping mode(KV): thermomagnetic
Protection category(KV): distribution protection
motor protection
Arcing distance(KV): not more than 50(0)
Isolating function(KV): A
Connection: Front connection plate,rear connection plate,plug-in rear connection plate
Isolating function Yes
Size: L (mm) 130
W(mm) 75/100
H(mm) 90

Bringing power to a deck with electrician Keith Diemer. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Shopping List for Installing an Outdoor Electrical Outlet:
- plastic-sheathed electrical cable
- flexible conduit
- metal (EMT) conduit with mounting clips and screws
- while-in-use watertight electrical box with watertight cable connectors
- GFCI electrical outlet
- silicone sealant
- screws and plastic wall anchors
- 20-amp circuit breaker
- cable connectors

Tools for Installing an Outdoor Electrical Outlet:
- hammer-drill fitted with carbide-tipped masonry bit, for boring through concrete and brick
- impact drive
- pliers
- screwdriver
- caulk gun
- utility knife
- wire stripper

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CB tép (circuit break) là thiết bị điện gia dụng thông dụng, hãy tìm hiểu thiết bị điện gia dụng này, thiết bị điện gia dụng này rất bổ ích


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