Popular Design for XJM7-D Measuring Box (Power Lighting Energy Measuring Box) Supply to Johannesburg


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To constantly improve the management system by virtue of the rule of "sincerely, good faith and quality are the base of enterprise development", we widely absorb the essence of related products internationally, and constantly develop new products to meet the demands of customers for Popular Design for XJM7-D Measuring Box (Power Lighting Energy Measuring Box) Supply to Johannesburg, Our aim is "blazing new ground, Passing Value", in the future, we sincerely invite you to grow up with us and make a bright future together!


XJM7-D measuring box (power lighting energy measurement box) is applicable to power, lighting measurement management with AC 50HZ, rated voltage 380 / 220V, three-phase four-wire. The advantages includes large capacity, shunt output switch can be selected by design, measures against stealing.It is can be called flexible, mobile, reliable power distribution equipment.

In line with GB7251.1-1997 and GB7251.3-1997 standards.

3C certificate:

XJM7-D Meing Box)-2

Model YX-AC60 5L big bottles drum capping machine automatic caps feeding screw capper line tornillo de máquina que capsula designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like automatic screw capping equipments and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.
The screw capping machine is made of screw capping heads frame, after the filled bottle convey to the screw capping machine station, through air cylinder start to screw cap, again and again, the finished bottle output to the warehouse and check.
Basic parameter of Model YX-AC60 5L big bottles drum capping machine automatic caps feeding screw capper line tornillo de máquina que capsula :
automatic big bottles capping machines
model YX-AC60
Capacity 100-2000b/h
Capping Head 1
Barrel Size 5L-10L
Power Supply Single-phase or three-phase
Power 2kw
Air Consumption 80L/min
Air Pressure 0.45-0.5Mpa
Weight 300kg
Dimensions(mm) 2250×670×1550
Material 304stainless steel
Frequency changer Mitsubishi
PLC Mitsubishi
Contactor SIEMENS
Switch Autonics Min.Circuit Breaker
Sales service for automatic big bottles capping machinery:
1.Installation & adjustment
After the equipment are arrived at the customer’s site, the customer is responsible for unpacking and arranging the equipment according to the placement drawing; and does under our install-adjust technicians’ guidance. Costs of the staff are decided at last.
We are responsible for offering the technical training to user. The training content includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, control and operation of the equipment. Through training, users’ technical staff can grasp and the skill of operation and maintenance proficiently, and deal with the general troubles in time. We will appoint qualified technical staff for the guidance.
3.Quality assurance
We guarantee the line achieve product technical performance indicators within 5 days after feeding operation through the correct guidance of the installation and commissioning.
We are responsible for the fault and damage of the production line caused by our design, technology, manufacture, installation, adjustment and material defect etc. that all belong to our responsibility.
The warranty period is 12 months after acceptance check of the production line. If there is any different between the furnished equipment in the customer’s factory and the equipment concerned in the contract, the users have the right to pass the inspection book to the legal department to claim for compensation to our company within goods warranty period.
Offer 36months maintenance period to the problem that caused by our design, manufacture and the material quality, and offer the relevant parts and effective service for free for above reason. We will offer a widely and favorable technical support, after service all the time after guarantee period.
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