Sichuan Qionglai Airport Project

Sichuan Qionglai Airport is a military airport, mainly for military aircraft take-off, landing, parking,organizing and protecting the flight activities. As the military airports are connected to national security, so the selection of the equipment within the airport requirements is very strict. About the purchasing of electrical facilities, the relevant person charge of Qionglai airport always tending to foreign brands but they failed to finda type circuit breaker with over-tripping function, Until Foretech launched the selective miniature circuit breaker-FTB1. This product effectively solves the building power distribution system in the leapfrog trip phenomenon to achieve the terminal distribution system to the full selective protection, greatly improves the terminal distribution system stability and reliability and fill the low-voltage terminal distribution system blank in the field of selective protection. The product launch attracted the attention of people in the industry. At this time, the technology of FTB1 leapfrog trip was also largely recognized by the person in charge of Qionglai airport. To ensure the stability of the airport power distribution system, they decided to use FTB1.

As always wants to contribute to the cause of national defense, Foretech cherish this opportunity and attaches great importance to this project. From manufacturing to the product test also to delivery, we treat very strictly for each process to achieve excellence and this is the key for Qionglai airport project to run normally until now. The person in charge of the airport was very receptive to the technical aspects of FTB1 and he even post a report on the operation.

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Post time: Feb-24-2017
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