Tian’anmen Jinshui Bridge lighting renovation project

Following the FTB1 full election protection circuit breaker developed in June 18, 2009 in Diaoyutai successfully listed, the General Logistics Department Architectural Design Institute leaders also began to believe that “the moon in foreign countries is not rounder than China’s.” FTB1 as the fourth generation of China’s low-voltage electrical appliances,it is an important part of an effective solution to the building power distribution system in the leapfrog trip phenomenon, to achieve the terminal distribution system to select the full protection. It greatly improves the terminal distribution System stability and reliability.Therefore it is invited to attend the FTB1 conference. The total backyard leadership said its technology is largely recognized, and decided to put it into the Jinshui Bridge lighting system distribution box.

Foretech Electric for the Jinshui Bridge project is very important, on the one hand all the staffs in the company feel so excited because they can receive such an important project; On the other hand, as FTB1 just comes into the market. All the new indicators are in trial operation. If we can take over such an important project, we must ensure the quality of the product, and at the same time we should try harder for the 60th anniversary of Daqing.Hence all the staffs would devote themselves to design and develop the products under the guigance of the leaders, and each product has been tested several times to ensure that it is a fully qualified product. In order to make sure that the entire project will move on soomthly and avoid any related issues, we will send professional technicists to cooperate with them in Beijing from Foretech. At any time we are ready for the entire project to be checked. During the National Day, Foretech with high-quality electrical products and high-quality services ensure the Jinshui Bridge to be in the normal operation of the lighting system.

After the celebration, the general backyard of the leadership and the Foretech technical staffs are going to do further communication and exchange, expressed the recognition of FTB1.

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Post time: Feb-24-2017
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