Rapid Delivery for Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment-FTQ2 for Sevilla Manufacturer


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Model: FTQ2
Poles: 3,4
Rated operational voltage Ue(V): AC400V/50HZ
Rated operational current Ie(A): 20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100,125,160,180,200,225,315,350,400,500,630
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V): 690V
Operating position: Normal power switch-on, backup power switch-on, Normal power& backup power switch-off
Electrical level: CB
Rated controller Operating supply voltage: AC220V
Under-voltage: Adjustable from 160-200v,factory defaults:170V
Over-voltage: Adjustable from 240-290V,factory defaults:270V
Operation Mode: R:automatic change recovery,S:automatic change but not automatic recovery,F:Generator type
Switch-off delay time: Adjustable from 0-180s,factory defaults:2s
Switch-on delay time: Adjustable from 0-180s,factory defaults:2s

As part of your assignment #5 (this is for my students), you have to solve a three phase system represented by its one-line diagram. This clip is about the meaning of symbols and data in such a diagram, and on how to find the single phase equivalent of the system which is the one we actually solve in symmetric/balanced three phase systems.

This video shows the results of an arc-flash incident in switchgear utilizing an arc-quenching system compared to switchgear with only a circuit breaker.

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