Reasonable price for FTK1 (1A) (GCK1) Low Voltage Withdrawable Distribution Cabinet Supply to Buenos Aires


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The FTK1 (GCK1) series is suitable in low voltage distribution systems with AC 50Hz,rated voltages 380 to 660v, for the use of powering, feeding, bus couplering, lighting, motor control and power compensating.

It includes power center (PC) and the motor control center (MCC) function, to meet the use of industrial and mining enterprises, high-level hotels, airports, hospitals power supply, distribution and power control.



FTK1 (1A) (GCK1) Low Volttion Cabinet2; Quality Control and Inspection Services from Gaze Industrial Services
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 Electrical power plant erection engineer
 QA / QC Electrical & Electronics Engineer
 Deals with reviewing of all ITP’s / QCP / Method Statement / Material Approval prior for project plan preparation
 HV-High voltage 380kV, 154kV, 132kV, 66kV, OHL project design & Erection
 MV-Middle voltage 36kV-OHL project design & Erection
 GIS-Gas insulated switchgear 132kV, 33kV Installation
 Preparation maintenance schedule with material BOQ`s of power plant
 MV -36kV / 11kV / 6.6kV, SF6 Circuit breakers installation
 36kV Voltage transformers (VT) & Current transformers (CT) installation
 36kV, 6.6kV, 0.4kV Surge arresters installation
 Dry type Transformers up to 250kVA
 Step up transformer up to 165MVA (11kV / 132kV) Oil filled, installation
 Step down transformer up to 75MVA (132kV / 33kV) Oil filled, installation
 Auxiliary Transformer up to 10MVA (6.6kV / 0.4kV) Oil filled, installation
 Transformer neutral grounding resistors, 1000A, 10sec.
 GTPP-Gas turbine power plant generator installation up to 156.25MVA
 GTG Step up transformer local control cubicle installation
 36kV, 11kV, 6.6kV Metal clad SF6 compact / withdraw able switchgear cubicle installation
 Substations feeders installation
 15kV, Bus duct installation
 500HP, 6.6kV, Fire fighting water pump, Motor control centers (MCC) installation
 Gas turbine start motor 530kW, 6.6kV, Motor control centers (MCC) installation
 Gas compressor motor 1200kW, 6.6kV, Motor control centers (MCC) installation
 Hydrogen compressor motor 1750HP, 6kV, Motor control centers (MCC) installation
 RCP-Remote control panels installation
 36kV Breakers failure protection panels installation
 36kV Bus Protection Panels installation
 36kV Cable Protection Panels installation
 36kV Line Protection Panels & Metering Panels installation
 6.6kV Motor control centers (MCC) installation.
 132kV Relay panel installation
 132kV, bus bar protection panel installation
 230V, AC Inverter panel installation
 230V, Bay-pass transformer stabilizer panel installation
 Dropping diodes panel installation
 125V DC Distribution panels installation
 132kV, GIS Relay bus bar frequency control panel installation
 PMS-Power management system, generator control panel installation
 400V Normal / Emergency power distribution board installation
 400V Normal / Emergency lighting & single phase power distribution board installation
 BSDG-Black start diesel generator 3600kVA, 6.6kV installation
 Manual transfer switches installation
 HV, MV & LV, Power cables splicing & termination services
 Aluminum / galvanized cable tray / ladder, vertical / horizontal support installation high level & within cable trenches
 GRS-conduits( PVC Coated & un-Coated) installation
 Battery Chargers installation
 Uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) installation
 HV-132kV, MV-36kV, LV-0.4kV cables laying up to 300mm2 within cable trench / cable ladder / cable tray / under ground
 Main earthing mesh network design drawing & installation, earthing rod installation, thermo weld / CADWELD welding connection.
 Measurement of specific resistance of soil / measurement of resistance earthing connection
 Lightning protection system design drawing & installation to plant / liquid (Oil-gas / water) storage tank / equipment / high building
 Cathodic protection system design drawing & installation to pipeline / liquid (Oil-gas / water) storage tank

 Instrument installation engineer
 QA / QC Instrument Engineer
 Deals with reviewing of all ITP’s / QCP / Method Statement / Material Approval prior for project plan preparation
 Emergency Shutdown System-ESD
 Fire & Gas System-F&G
 Compressor Surge Control System-CCS
 Machine Monitoring System-MMS
 Rich domain knowledge with comprehensive understanding & practical knowledge of instrument field for project erection: Installation of instrument equipment according to applicable engineering standards, procedures and applicable national and international codes and standards as an ANSI, API, ISA, DIN, ISO, EC, IEC etc.
 Instrument installation:
o Industrial Flow Meters
o Level Instruments
o Pressure instruments
o Temperature Instruments
o Control valves
o On-Off valves
o Actuator, Positionner & Accessories
o Electro-pneumatic (I / P) Transducers
o Self Actuated Valves
o Motor Operated Valves-MOV
o Hydraulic Valves
o Heat tracing installation
Core Competencies: Erection & Commissioning ♦ Trouble Shooting ♦ Preventive Maintenance ♦ Cross functional Coordination ♦ Electrical & Instrument Drawings ♦ Training & Development

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