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Symptoms of 24 volt upgrade: The Fisher Price battery will keep tripping causing the power wheel to stop when you press on the gas pedal and release the pedal. Takes about 30 seconds for it to reset the fault and run again. It will kick out every time the gas pedal is pressed and released. After one or two charges the stock motors will fail. If you already found this out you can buy new stock motors mltoys over the internet for about $18 each plus shipping and handling. From the store new the Dune Racers like the two above above in the video run stock Johnson 550 motors with 15t pinion gears which are installed on the motors. Before buying the replacement motors make sure you pull the motors and count the teeth on your stock motors. …………..CHECK OUT NEW INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT SIZE PINION GEARS YOU CAN USE BELOW…………….. or order the same stock motors if you are keeping the Power Wheels the way they were originally installed. also sells upgraded 12 volt – 18 volt motors with 17t pinion gears installed. You can also buy the gearbox and with the motor already installed or just the gearbox. The Dune Racers in the video has one power wheel running 18 Volts on a stock motor and the other one is running the upgraded Stage 1 motor with a 17t or tooth pinion gear. In the video the upgrade Power Wheel with the stage 1 motor is running in low gear which only allows 12 volts to the motor. It is running about the same speed as the Power Wheels stock motor in high gear at 18 volts. At the end of the video my Grandson shifts the upgraded Power Wheel motor to high speed and catches up with the Power Wheels stock motor and pushes it around the corner. The upgraded 12-18 volt upgrade is faster than the stock 24 volt plus it won’t make the motors windings burn up from the excessive heat and fail like the 24 volt pushing amps to the stock motors. I installed brake reduction modules in both Power Wheels. It makes the car coast instead of locking up the rear tires when the gas pedal is released . They are $10 at ml toys plus shipping and handling. The brake reduction module is installed in the orange wire under gas pedal. To keep the tires from spinning with no traction I cut the side walls off two 14 inch bike tires for the front and two 16 inch tires for the back. You stretch the tire over the tires and install self tapping screws as close to the edge of the cut bike tire as you can. Spray with black spray paint to hide screw heads. Adding the bike tires will increase the speed of the Power Wheels. A 12 volt battery and 6 volt battery are wired in series to make 18 volts. At the wiring plug of the 12 volt battery there is white and black wires on the plug tail leave the white wire alone. Cut the black wire in half leaving plenty of room to slice the wire. Splice the wire on the plug to the battery and run a wire to the positive or + side of the 6 volt battery. From the other half of the wire you cut splice it with another wire and run it to the negative – side of the 6 volt battery. It would be a good idea to install a 30 amp fuse holder in this wire to protect the electrical parts Use a 40 amp fuse if the 30 amp keeps blowing. I found that if you use a 12 volt Fisher Price battery and a 6 volt Fisher Price battery you won’t need the fuse holder because the batteries have them installed in the batteries themselves. The upgraded 18 amp Power Wheels will not function right with the Fisher Price batteries. Myself I use lead 12 volt and six volt batteries from batteries plus. These lead 12 volt and six volt batteries can be bought with larger amp hour (ap) ratings than the Fisher Price 12 volt and 6 volt batteries with 9.5 amp ratings. I use one 12 volt and 1 6 volt 12ah Duracell lead sealed batteries. The fisher price is the same lead batteries but with circuit breakers install in them. You will have to install a fuse holder with the batteries from batteries plus in the method I described above. If your 30 amp fuses trip install 40 amp fuses. Motors draw 5 to 6 times more current when they are in the locked rotor position (not moving) Heat sinks on the motors and drilling ventilation holes in the motor compartment will help cool the motors so they will have a longer life. ……….CHECK THIS OUT……….. I just found out some new information I would like to share with you. On the side of the 7R gearbox case it states what size pinion gears you can use on the motors. My originals had a 15t or tooth pinion gear. I was able to run a motor with a 17t or tooth pinion gear which gave me faster top end speed and the 17t or tooth pinion gear meshes better to the first gear teeth. If you do what to run 24 volts buy a set of 775 motors with 17t or tooth pinion gears. Also install a steel first gear. Thanks

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