Renewable Design for Miniature circuit breaker-FTM10L for Nepal Factory


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I need your assistance with Kenmore dishwasher error codes.

Kenmore’s dishwashers don’t typically have an error code like E01 but instead flash a lot of lights at you.

And that makes it even harder to figure out what the error is before trying to determine how to fix it.

I know it seems like they blink at random when something is wrong, but there is a five second pause between each pattern.

It seems like there are shorter gaps in it.

Yes, which is why you see six flashes with a two second pause and one more flash or the 6 1 pattern for an inlet water problem on their high efficiency dishwashers

If I had too much water, I’d know it by the water spilling out when I opened the dishwasher door. If there wasn’t enough water, the dry dishes coated in soap would be a strong indicator.

The one flash two second pause one flash with five second pause means the electronic control board thinks it has a stuck relay.

How do you fix that?

You can try rebooting the dishwasher by turning it off and back on, though if that doesn’t work, the control board needs to be replaced.

For something that severe, an S O S would be more appropriate.

The one flash two second pause two flashes means the memory is corrupted or there is incompatible software.

My gaming console updates its software regularly, though I have to reboot it nearly every time. I can’t imagine what corrupts software on a dishwasher.

The problem could be moisture shorting out a control board or an electrical glitch causing it to malfunction.

At which point, I need to schedule service to replace the control board.

You can try what you do to fix corrupted software with a gaming console and reboot it. After all, that’s what the manual says.

I’m not seeing that error. It flashes more times than that.

The two flash two second pause one flash error means there’s a stuck key.

If one key is stuck, I make sure it isn’t with batter or soap, and if one is stuck, that contact in the key needs to be replaced.

And if none of them work, reboot the control board, and if that doesn’t work, replace the control panel.

And if that doesn’t work, replace the control board if it isn’t loose wiring between the control board and the control panel.

The two flash pause two flash pattern means the control board and control panel aren’t talking to each other. Check the wiring, and if it is fine, plan to fix something.

What does three flashes mean?

Three flashes followed by one flash means the thermistor or OWI has failed. Three flashes followed by two means the OWI has shorted out.

All of which means the wiring or the sensor has failed.

And all of this is separate from errors on their standard dishwashers, like seven flashes for a dead heating element and a constant flash without gaps meaning the control panel or control board are bad.

What does it mean if the start or result light blinks slowly?

Close the door, restart the cycle, and if that doesn’t work, replace a door latch, flip a circuit breaker and hope it works.

At least the other fixes you gave me for the errors work no matter what the dishwasher error code is.

This video shows the growth of conductive paths in wood. In the first clips water is used to start the arc and keep it touching the wood, in the last clips graphite from a pencil is used.

DO NO PLAY WITH ELECTRICITY. You saw me do it so you don’t have to.

The music was made by me using the free software “sunvox.”

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