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Danielle Ford and Matt Valentino’s Senior Design Presentation, Spring 2013 semester, Resnick Engineering Hall 109, SUNY New Paltz.

*** Warning: Working with electricity and High Current can be life threatening so please understand what you are doing before working with it or higher a professional to perform the work for you. ***
Description: STEP BY STEP Heavy Duty Power Cord Upgrade for the HF Chicago Electric 110 amp Dual MIG Welder. The Two manuals I show are for the HF P/N: 94164 110 amp Dual MIG Welder and the HF P/N: 68885 170 amp Dual MIG Welder. The 94164 Manual can be found by doing a web search, as HF no longer has the manual on their website. The 68885 can be found on the HF Website by looking it up by the part number. If you can’t find them drop me a line with your email address and I’ll send them to you. The new 4/10 AWG cable I’m installing allows me to have no current restrictions up to what the welder is rated for @ 25 amps. I purchased the 30’ foot electrical cord by the foot from my local Lowes hardware store, it was about $60.00 bucks. The original power cable was a 3/14 AWG that only allowed 6’ feet of travel from the wall outlet, which I think was part of the duty cycle limiting factor. If you’re doing any kind of automotive or home fabrication welding you know this is not acceptable as you won’t be able to move very far from the outlet. Also should you decide to use an extension cord, against mfg. recommendation, you risk overloading the panel circuit breaker or overloading the welder. In addition to upgrading the power cord I also upgraded the plug. I didn’t use the usual dryer plug as I wanted the extra ground safety wire with the white return line so I could use a four plug 50 amp outlet. I decided to use the 50 amp RV Plug with the handle for added safety. Now for the internal power switch connections I used two 12-10 AWG female crimp terminals and two 12-10 AWG ring crimp terminals that I purchased off eBay.

Part 2 is here:–kIHYb2i4
Part 3 is here:
Part 4 is here:

Here’s a list of parts I used to do the upgrade:
- 30 ft of 4/10 awg Coleman Cable 10 to 4 Black SJOOW Power Cord Lowes P/N: 59154
- Two 12-10 AWG Female Crimp Terminals.
- Two 12-10 AWG Ring Crimp Terminals.
- ½” Compression Connector for steel EMT conduit by S Pro Connex P/N: 44250.
- 50-RP Camco 55255 50 AMP PowerGrip Replacement Plug.
- 6” Zip Tie.

Tools I used were:
- #2Phillips Screw Driver.
- Hobby Knife set from Radio Shack.
- Hand Crimp Tools with 10-12 AWG capability.
- Small Hammer.
- ¼” Blade Screw Driver.
- Small Side Cutters.
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