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Model: FTQ3-63 FTQ3-125 FTQ3-250 FTQ3-400 FTQ3-800
Rated current (A)Ie: 16,20,25,32,40,50,63 63,80,100,125 125,160,200,225,250 250,300,315,350,400 400,500,630,800
Pole: 3,4
Main function: Mainly used for power circuit monitoring.When the normal power supply is in the event of failure,it will transfer the power supply

from normal power to backup power supply and finish the switching the circuit system.

Standard: GB/T14048.11-2016(ICE 60947-6-1:2013)
Rated voltage (V): AC 400V
Rated frequency: 50/60
Rated insulation voltage: 800
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(KV): 8
Connection and breaking capacity: 10Ie 6Ie
Status indication: Normal power/backup power on-off,Fault display,Fire linkage display,Normal power/backup power voltage.
Under-voltage: 150-180
Over-voltage: 250-280
Controller voltage: AC220
Connection mode: Front connection plate
Minimum transfer time 50 50 75 75 1200
Operation cycle time(time/hour) 120
Class PC
Usage category AC-33A AC-33B AC-33iB

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Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink. It makes creating circuits as easy as doodling.
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