Upfitter Switches How To Ford Super Duty

This video shows you how to run power to your engine bay pass through wires on a 6.7L. First thing you want to do is locate your heat shrinked wires in the engine bay. They will be tapped to a bundle of wires just behind the engine bay fuse box on the driver side. Once you’ve located these wires, locate the pass through wires under the steering column. (They should be the same color as in the engine bay). Next locate the 4 AUX wires. The wires you’ve located in the previous steps are just wires going through the fire wall. They are NOT connected to anything. The 4 AUX wires are hidden near the amplifier-looking control module under the steering column. These four wires will have a white band around it reading AUX 1,2,3,4. Once you have located these wires, connect the pass through wire you would like to use to one of the four AUX wires. Once you have done this, the wire(s) in the engine bay will now have power when the upfitter switch is in the on position (and the truck is running). If you are running an accessory inside the truck to these wire, simply tap right into them. The colors/amp rating for the 4 AUX wires are as followed:
AUX 1 – Yellow Wire (25 amps)
AUX 2 – Green with brown stripe (25 amp)
AUX 3 – Purple with green stripe (10 amp)
AUX 4 – Brown (15 amp)
Note** – The PASS THROUGH wires may be a different color than my truck depending on model year. Just look for the 4 wires that are taped to the bundle of wires that are wrapped in wire insulation.

Post time: Oct-23-2017
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