Wholesale Discount Moulded Case Circuit Breaker-FTM2 Export to Netherlands


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Warning: don’t turn the wiper from the 220 K potentiometer completely to the negative lead, it can damage the transistor due to a too high base current (or mount a protective resistor in this lead that limits the base current, not tested). Simple shortcut protection circuit, made with a relay and a handful of components. When it does not work on other voltages, experiment with the value from the 1K5 resistor that runs from the lamp to the base and/or with the value from the 8 Ohm resistor (this makes it all work). Don’t make the 1K5 resistor (base-lamp, lamp = load, whatever electric or electronic circuit, the lamp mimics a load) too low, it can damage the transistor. The circuit can be adapted to 12 volt, the relay voltage must always differ substantially from the supply voltage, so 5 V or 6 V or 9 V relays are usable in a 12 V circuit. With a 5 or 6 Volt relay in a 12 V circuit you need a series resistor in the relay lead. More circuits in my books, available on the Lulu website (author Ko Tilman).

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