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MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable in three-phase, four-wire and three-phase five-wire power system with three-phase AC 50 or 60 Hz, rated voltage 660V, rated current ≤ 4000A , for the use of electricity power acceptance and distribution. It is widely used in power plants, substations, factories, mines, high-rise buildings of the power distribution center PC and motor control center MCC.

This product complies with GB7251.1-91, ZBK36001-89, IEC439-1 (1992) standard and passed CCC certificate:

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Great work by the team installing the system. They were very friendly and professional and did a great job. I’ve set the system up with East, West and North facing panels with the idea that I will be able to generate power for a longer period even if my peak capacity is lower than if I put all the panels on the North facing roof. I am using 3 different types of solar panels for this installation with a combination of two different panels on each face – Q-Cells, REC and Winaico with the idea that Ben from Propa and I can see how the different panels perform. I have used a SolarEdge inverter with power optimisers on the panels to balance out any differences in panels and to optimise the overall power generated.
The next step will be to install the Ecofront Pro energy monitor which will install on all the power circuits as well as the PV feed and the grid side. This will allow me to fully monitor the energy generation and use and will also allow me to trip contactors to use up PV load when most appropriate (eg. Pool pump or hot water).

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