Miniature Circuit Breaker-FTB10


Mainly used in distribution lines of AC 50HZ, rated working voltage 230V, rated current not more than 40A. For overload & short circuit protection, also can be used for line non-frequent on-off operation and conversion. The breaking ability can reach 6kA.

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Model & Spec FTB10
Technical parameters
Standards GB/T10963.1/IEC60898
Certifications CCC
Pole number 1P+N
Rated current(A) 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Electrical characteristics
Rated operating voltage Ue(V) AC230
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcn(kA) 6
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kV) 4
Isolation function Yes
Class of pollution 2
Use cat. (overvoltage category) ll
Tripping type and characteristics C-type curve (5ln~10ln)
Mechanical charateristics
Contact status indicator Green: open  Red: close
Mechanical life (times) 20000
Electerical life (times) 10000
IP rate IP40 (installed inside the distribution box) IP20 (Installed directly)
Mechanical shock resistance (GB/T2423.5)(m/s²) 150, continuously 11ms half-wave
Anti-vibration (GB/T2423.10) 5g-20 cycles, frequency 5…150…5Hz (load 0.8ln)
Anti-humid heat (GB/T2423.4)(℃/RH) 28 cycles (with 55/95…100)
Reference ambient temperature (℃) 30
Operating ambient temperature (℃) -5~+40
Storage temperature (℃) -40~+70
Installation characteristics
Terminal type U-shaped terminal, tunnel type
Max. wiring capacity Conductor connection 10 mm²
Max. ultimate torque (N.m) 3.5
Tool Pozi drive (double cross)
Installation Installation on standard DIN rail (35mm)
Inlet method Upper/lower
Outline dim. (mm)





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