2017 SNEX PV exxhibition – Nothing is more important than future security


The world’s most influential international PV event – “SNEC 11th (2017) international solar industry and pv engineering (Shanghai) exhibition” was held in Shanghai new international expo center from 19th-21th April, 2017. With the “wisdom power protection” system created for the new energy industry, Foretech joined this exhibition.
Solar energy is inexhaustible renewable energy with advantages of fully clean, absolute security, relative universality, really long life and free maintenance,resource adequacy and potential economic. Photovoltaic power generation will be the main source of electric energy in the future, nothing is more important than a secure future.
Foretech booth highlights review
Foretech Elec.App.(Jiangsu)co.,LTD Headquarter located in Suzhou, a city with two thousand years. This exhibition booth used the new Su style showed a unique style, unlike any other contemporary and contracted booth design.


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The “safa guarder” of the Photovoltaic power station.
The main use of photovoltaic power station core is transfer the photovoltaic modules irregular direct curent into a sinusoidal alternating current (ac), as well as with over voltage, over current protection and insulation impedance voltage protection, leakage protection, power grid frequency of abnormal protection function. Foretech independently developed a series of new energy industry product in the field of security protection and widely used in the booming field of photovoltaic (pv).

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Photovoltaic power solutions


Post time: May-22-2017
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